Ancient Natural Rhodolite Garnet Mukkaru


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Unveiling the Rich History of the Mukkaru Bead: A Rhodolite Garnet Journey

Delve into the fascinating world of gemstone history as we unveil the tale of an ancient treasure—the Mukkaru Rhodolite Garnet Bead. With a weight of 6.32 carats, this singular piece hails from the enchanting lands of Sri Lanka.

The Mukkaru Bead stands as a testament to the ancient expertise of a race known as the Mukkaru. These skilled artisans originated from distant shores and migrated to Sri Lanka during the era of ancient kings. Their primary mission? To explore the world of gems, mining, and trade.

With deft hands and unwavering dedication, the Mukkaru people became renowned gem specialists. They employed traditional techniques, including the use of kabarondum dust, to polish even the hardest of stones, such as Sapphire with a remarkable Mohs hardness of 9. Their craftsmanship extended beyond polishing, as they meticulously drilled and transformed these gemstones into exquisite necklaces and jewelry.

Today, we find ourselves retracing the footsteps of the Mukkaru people by re-mining the very locations they once frequented. What we’ve discovered is truly remarkable—gemstones that were once abandoned and undervalued now shine brilliantly as highly sought-after treasures.

An exemplary case in point is the spinel. Once considered a low-value stone in the past, spinel has now ascended to a position of great prestige, commanding top-tier prices in the world of gemstones.

This piece echoes the Mukkaru’s ancient technology, reminding us of the enduring legacy they’ve left behind.

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Weight 6.32 Ct
Dimensions 10.0 × 8.7 × 7.2 mm

01 pcs


Reddish pink








Rhodolite Garnet


Natural Garnet


Galpaya "Mukkaru" Deposit Mining, Sri Lanka ( A place where mukkaru lived in the past time 700- 1000 years back )

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