Ancient Natural Sapphire Large Mukkaru Bead From A Place Where Mukkaru Poeple Lived In Sri Lanka

In the heart of Sri Lanka’s gem-rich soil lies a remarkable piece of history—a 35.35 Ct natural sapphire bead that once graced the adornments of Mukkaru, an ancient race of gem specialists. This extraordinary find from the Galpaya “Mukkaru” Deposit Mining area takes us on a journey through time, unraveling the captivating history of the gem industry.

Measuring 21 x 13.5 x 13 mm, this polished sapphire bead boasts a unique light yellow hue that reflects its age-old origins. Despite its inclusion, this bead retains an undeniable allure, harkening back to a time when gemstones were treasured for their raw beauty.

Mukkaru, a foreign race that migrated to Sri Lanka during the reign of ancient kings, brought with them unparalleled expertise in gemstone mining and trading. They mastered the art of polishing even the hardest stones, such as sapphires with a remarkable Mohs hardness of 9. Their traditional polishing techniques, involving kabarondum dust, were legendary.

Today, as we revisit the sites where the Mukkaru people once mined, we unearth not only gems they abandoned but also stones that were once undervalued. Spinel, once considered a low-value stone, now commands exorbitant prices in the market.

Among these treasures is the largest Mukkaru bead in our collection, weighing an impressive 35.35 Ct. Its sheer size and historical significance make it a testament to the ancient technology and craftsmanship of the Mukkaru people.

As we continue to explore Sri Lanka’s gem-rich landscapes, we celebrate these timeless gems and the enduring legacy of the Mukkaru, whose mastery of gemstones still captivates us today. Stay tuned as we bring you more fascinating stories from the world of gemstones and the rich history they hold.

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