Who we are

Our website address is: https://cityofgem.com

The City of Gem is a natural gemstone supplier from the source in City of Gem Ratnapura Sri Lanka. We Provide natural crystals of any gemstone families and provide custom gemstone cutting inquiries which can choose from our own rough gemstones stock.


As soon as the money arrives, We start the shipping process and update you with every single step. We ship through the National Gem And Jewelry Authority With Insurance. We will provide you with a tracking number as soon as the order is shipped.

Crystal and Rough Gemstones

We actually like Export Rough Stones from Sri Lanka. But, there is no legal way to do that. It’s government law. We can Only export legally ” cut and polished stones” and ” Crystals”. We don’t like to give risk to our customers.

We ship rough gemstones to other countries after cutting and polishing and Certification.

Crystals can be shipped from Sri Lanka with Natural Formation what you see on the website.

Rough Gemstones are shipped after cutting and polishing as we mentioned in every single products.

Custom Inquiries

We finish gemstones as we estimated sizes in product descriptions with our estimated shape and cut, if you give custom designs, weight may vary than expected.

Estimated cutting weights of Rough Stones

Estimating the gemstone before cutting is very hard and risky. We get the minimum rate of estimation to reduce the risk. 98% of gemstones can be finished with estimated sizes according to our business experience and knowledge. But, We hope better understanding from customers about the other 2% of failures estimations and we always try to recover it from adding more gemstones with the order.

Direct PayPal Facility

Paypal withdrawal facilities are not available in Sri Lanka. It’s a government Central Bank Rule.
So, We have to do international payments through other legal ways that we have.
Our customers around the world pay through Western Union, Money Gram, Ria, Transfer wise, or Direct Bank Transfer.

If anyone need about only PayPal Option, They can use Xoom Service


Shipping Methods

EMS parcels normally will be arrived at customer locations within 7 days after shipping from Sri Lanka if destination locations do not have any delay problems.

FedEx parcels normally will be arrived at customer locations within 3 days after shipping from Sri Lanka if destination locations do not have any delay problems. FedEx is fast service and expensive. If a customer needs to ship through FedEx service. The customer should pay 50% of the shipping cost. The City Of Gem provides other 50% from our side.

Standard Shipping

We do not use the standard registered post service when the EMS service is available. because it takes a long time from 7-14 days to 25 days or in some cases more than 30 days. However, we use this service in cases where the ems service has been suspended due to various problematic situations in different countries. ( In some countries, for example, the EMS service was not active during epidemics such as covid 19 ). In such cases, the customer can pay the shipping fee and get the FedEx service and in the absence of both the FedEx service or the EMS service, this service can be used. In the course of our business history, this service has not encountered any problems in exporting and has only seen delays. But in some cases, the parcels are received within 7 days. We are not responsible for any delays due to problems in different countries. But do not hesitate to contact us at any time to get the information you need.