Ceylon Natural Colour Change Sapphire Rough Stone


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• Weight : 3.05 Cts
• Height : 9.6 mm
• Width : 6.9 mm
• Depth: 4.5 mm
• Colour: Changing Violetish Blue to Pink
• Clarity: Visible small feather in right Side corner does not effective cutting clean stone.

• Type: Rough
• Mining: Pothupitiya, Sri Lanka
• Treatment : Natural/ Unheated
• Shape: Pebble
• Variety: Natural Colour Change Sapphire
• Species: Natural Corundum
• May be expected to cut a 1.50-1.80 Cts Stone

• Comment : Stone has best quality dum (not thick-Can be cut in a natural way) and reddish hue (රත් ගුණය). If need can do heat treatment and get excellent blue colour

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IMAGES : No Colour unhancment or any edits, Only attached watermark.