Ceylon Natural Sapphire Complete Crystal Couple from Rambuka Village


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💎 Ceylon Natural Sapphire Complete Crystal Couple 💎

Discover the mesmerizing allure of this stunning Ceylon Natural Sapphire Complete Crystal Couple, sourced directly from the beautiful Rambuka Village in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). These exquisite gemstones exhibit a captivating color combination of blue and milky white, adorned with a striking blue band.

⚖️ WEIGHT: The first stone weighs 4.34 carats (B), while the second stone weighs 3.61 carats (W), allowing you to indulge in the allure of these substantial gems.

📏 LENGTH: With a length of 15.9 millimeters (B) for the first stone and 17 millimeters (W) for the second stone, these crystals make an impressive statement.

💎 PIECES: This set includes two magnificent pieces, allowing you to explore the individual beauty and unique properties of these naturally occurring sapphires.

📍 MINING LOCATION: Meticulously sourced from Rambuka Village, these gemstones possess the essence of their origin and the charm of their exotic locale.

🌟 CLARITY: While these gemstones exhibit inclusions, they add to the natural character of the stones, making them even more fascinating and unique.

🔮 TREATMENT: Rest assured, these sapphires have not undergone any treatment, ensuring their authenticity and natural splendor.

🔹 VARIETY: As Natural Sapphire Crystals, these gems belong to the esteemed species of Natural Corundum, renowned for their beauty and durability.

QUALITY GRADE: Boasting a Jewelry Grade, these sapphires embody high-quality commercial standards, making them ideal for creating exquisite jewelry pieces.

🌈 COMMENT: The blue sapphire crystals featured in this collection are renowned for their exceptional transparency and breathtaking luster. Each stone is a complete crystal, showcasing naturally occurring growth marks that further enhance their allure. Embrace the beauty bestowed upon them by Mother Nature herself.

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4.34 ct (B)/ 3.61 Ct (W)


white with blue band, blue






Natural Sapphire


2 pcs


Rambuka Village Sri Lanka


Ceylon , Sri Lanka


Natural corundum


Jewelry Grade Collector Pieces