Natural Ruby Rough Collection


Ruby is a pinkish-red to the blood-red colored gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminium oxide).

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The City of Gem also has suppliers from Madagascar to find stones when customers need gems from another country. Ruby is a very rare gem variety in the corundum family not often found in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is found mostly pink sapphires but not enough to be close ruby color range. but, very rarely can be found. We bought this from a direct supplier from Madagascar and we are glad to give you such a nice ruby collection with natural formation.

[COMMENT]: This is a sample Ruby Rough lot more than 50% not facet grade stone, but there is including facet grade stones with high-quality grade. Not facet grade stones can be used for tumbling. Opaque or very very low-grade stones are not available in the lot.


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IMAGES: Mobile Phone Photography. Morning photography 10:23 under daylight.
For understanding about the gemstones from images, Please paying attention to the color settings on your phone, computer or any device such as brightness and reading mode (eye protection color)

Additional information

Weight 150 Ct

Pigeon blood red, Pinkish red, Purplish red, Red, Reddish pink






0.51 Ct


Alluvial pebble


Including, Loup clean, SI, VS, VVS


Natural ruby


Natural corundum


Medium grade (including high quality commercial grade stones too)

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