Ceylon Natural Faceted Sapphire Collection

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Exploring the Allure of Ceylon’s Natural Faceted Sapphire Collection”

Ceylon’s Natural Faceted Sapphire Collection. With 17 exquisite pieces totaling 4.45 carats, this collection showcases the finest craftsmanship from the heart of Sri Lanka.

One of the defining features of this collection is its diversity of colors. From the blues to pinks, violets, yellows, purples, and whites, each gemstone tells its own unique story. These natural sapphires range in size from 0.60 carats to 0.10 carats, making them versatile for a variety of jewelry creations.

The clarity of these gemstones varies from SI to Loupe Clean, ensuring a range of options to suit your preferences. Shapes include Cushion, Baguette, and Square, providing endless possibilities for jewelry designs.

What sets this collection apart is its commitment to natural beauty. These sapphires are unheated, allowing their true colors and qualities to shine through. Originating from the gem-rich region of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, each gemstone in this collection carries with it a piece of the island’s rich mining heritage.

Rest assured that these gemstones are of Commercial Grade quality, making them accessible to both gemstone enthusiasts and jewelry designers. All rough stones undergo a rigorous selection process and are carefully preformed before cutting to ensure the our standards.

Experience the allure of Ceylon’s Natural Faceted Sapphire Collection and unlock the potential for breathtaking jewelry creations. Nature’s artistry awaits.

Additional information

Weight 4.45 Ct

17 Pcs


0.60 ct – 0.10 ct


blue, pink, violet, yellow, purple, white


SI to Loupe Clean


Cushion, Baguette, Square




Natural Sapphire


Natural corundum


Ratnapura, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰


Gem Quality Commercial Grade

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